slideshow images: Norman, custom portrait- 16 x 18 (1/31)

Available as a print on canvas.

slideshow images: Jaques- 16 x 18in (2/31)

Available as a print on canvas.

Nancy Schutt paints dogs, cats, and the people they own in colorful personal settings. Each painting is more than a portrait, but is a custom work of art that also includes meaningful items or scenes from your home environment and life. There are four product options for ordering an original, custom, one-of-a-kind, painting, with four different price ranges:

     1. A painting of your life- starting at $5500, is a more complex painting and involves extensive interviews with you and collaboration on representational imagery.

     2. A custom painted portrait of your pet- starting at $2500.

     3. A custom digital painting of your pet- starting at $450.

     4. You may also order a digital painting and decide later if you would like a hard copy painting, and apply the cost of the digital painting as credit towards any custom painting over $1600.00.


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